We offer a unique selection of very affordable Yoga classes for all ages, abilities and persuasions. We have classes for every level from absolute beginners to more advanced. Our students come from all walks of life, young, old, male, female, new mums, old mums, grandmothers, grandfathers, stiff, bendy, superfit, super unfit. There is a place here for all. We are passionate about Yoga and we welcome everyone who has an interest at the studio. 

Our instructors are all highly trained, highly skilled dedicated yoga practitioners, each with very unique styles of teaching.  We are all trained to teach to various levels. See here for full biographies. We can work you into a lather of sweat and we can soothe you into a blissful oblivion. All on one relatively small mat.  Some folks like it hot & sweaty. Some like it slow and steady.  It's all good. It's all mindful. It's all conscious.


Why practice Yoga? There isn't a person on the planet who can't name one benefit that yoga bestows. There are so many. But for us helming the studio and ourselves though the seas of life, why do *we* practice?  Watch this movie. Spoiler Alert.  It makes you feel very (very) good. And happy. And harmonious. And hopeful. And positive with some pretty useful side effects such as core fitness, great health, vitality, energy, strength, flexibility, determination. Just watch the movie. It's all true.

We run various workshops throughout the year from Soundbaths to Restorative Yoga to Yoga Nidra. Keep posted by subscribing to our newsletter. If you have a workshop you would like us to host, get in touch.

We also provide classes to private groups and to private individuals on a one to one basis. Contact us for information.


Manorhamilton is 25km from Sligo on the main Sligo Enniskillen road. There is ample parking. For the exact location of the studio, see here

Manorhamilton Yoga Studio, Manorhamilton, County Leitrim, Ireland. Email: info@manorhamiltonyogastudio.com