‘Love my Zoom yoga classes! Feels like 1:1 tuition, slow deeply nourishing stretches in these worrying times.  Sorcha offers mindful, relaxing yoga for all.  She is an experienced and caring teacher....highly recommended...’

-Sue Cruickshank, Kiltyclogher, Leitrim.



6 WEEK COURSES | NOV 2nd - DEC 7th | 6 WKS | €60

Monday - Time to Continue 7pm

Tuesday - Yoga Nidra & Bowls - 7pm

Wednesday - Slow Mindful Yoga - 7pm

Thursday - Kundalini Yoga - 7pm


MONDAY |7.00pm - 8.15pm | Time to Continue | Mixed

A class focused on maintaining basic joint mobility and 'space' in the body through specific breathing exercises (pranayama) and movement sequences (asana). Practice going a little deeper with the breath and finding more fluidity in each movement. Slow and gentle. Suitable for continuing students and those who want to practice at a slower pace .Register Here.

TUESDAY EVENING | 7.00pm - 8.00pm | Yoga Nidra & Bowls | All Levels

Yoga Nidra, or 'divine sleep', is a fully guided bodyscan meditation accompanied by the gentle tones of himalayan singing bowls. Participants lie on their backs covered in blankets and supported by bolsters (or pillows). The practice is deeply restorative and helps to induce deep sleep. Suitable for Total Beginners. Register Here

WEDNESDAY | 7.00pm - 8.15pm | Slow Mindful (Yin) Yoga |All Levels

This type of Yoga is slow, deep and rooted in principles of mindfulness. Stretches are held for longer periods, sometimes up to 2 mins, in order to release restrictions in the joints and tension in the tissues. Principles of Mindfulness are taught throughout. A simple but powerful practice to unwind tension in the mind & body.  Suitable for Total Beginners. Register Here

THURSDAY | 7.00pm - 8.15pm | Kundalini Yoga | All Levels

Specific breathing practices (pranayama) and dynamic movement sequences (kriya) to bring the nervous and glandular system into balance. You will feel energized, lighter, brighter, grounded and focused. Suitable for Total Beginners. Register Here


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