SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2nd - 12am - 5.00pm

Imbolc, or 'in belly', marks the half-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox in the Celtic calendar. As the land in the North begins to stir, sending shoots up,  awakening from Winter slumber, the Earth shifts on her axis, heralding the return of the Sun.  

In Ireland it marks the beginning of the agricultural year, the first day of spring, the start of lambing season, a time when our ancestors chose ritual to augur fertility & abundance in the coming agricultural year.   

The angles of the Sun and the Earth on this day produce a powerful energetic portal of sorts, not quite the magnitude of Solstice and Equinox but notable nonetheless. It is a potent time for ritual, for aligning with the waxing solar energy and for co-creating with the Divine.  

It is also, and not by coincidence,  the time that we celebrate the legacy of Brigid, matron saint of Ireland, daughter of Daghda and triple goddess (maiden, mother, crone), of the healing & creative arts. 

With a gentle nudge from our plant friend Cacao and accompanied by the sacred sound of singing bowls we will take a journey with yoga Nidra to the centre of the heart. Here we will connect with Brigid and ask for healing, : for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet. 


As the spirit of the Cacao enters you, she will open up new creative pathways in you. She does this through a series of chemical interactions. There will be space for expression through intuitive movement, ecstatic dance, journalling, drawing, poetry making, storytelling, singing or just staying very quiet and still. No rules. 

To integrate, you will be bathed in the sound of Gongs, an instrument that produces a physical vibration that can literally rewire brain patterns and change cellular make up.  There is an opportunity here to create a shift in consciousness, release subconscious blocks & gain new insights. 

We know from a Harvard study on meditators that a group of people, coming together to meditate or pray for a specific outcome, has a measurable result, and is more powerful than meditating/ praying alone. Do not underestimate your agency here on earth. You are a powerful creator.  

What is your heart calling you to? 

What inspires you?

What needs healing?

How can you contribute to healing on this planet?

Join Sorcha on Sunday February 2nd for

               Cacao Dance, Nidra, Gong

Bring a vegetarian/vegan dish for sharing afterwards. 

Testimonial from the last Cacao Ceremony

'What a wonderful experience. Thank you Sorcha for organising this. I never thought I would be drinking chocolate in a circle of strangers on a Sunday afternoon. The ceremony was so beautifully held and the cacao was just delicious. I left feeling happier, fuller, more positive and with a feeling of deep peace that continued in the days following the ceremony. The venue was fabulous. A wonderful warm welcoming space, would recommend visiting this gem in North Leitrim.', Caroline Flynn


Practicing for twenty years and teaching for fifteen, Sorcha first qualified in Iyengar Yoga and then went on to study Vinyasa Yoga.  She has additional training in Yoga Therapy & Yin Yoga from Yoga Campus London, Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore Tully. More recently she has studied Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Shiv Charan Singh.

Sorcha studied Sound Therapy with the Celtic School of Sound & Gong Therapy with Mehtab Benton in Norway. A reiki healer, shamanic journeyer, plant & herbal medicine apprentice and astrology student she is deeply sensitive to the rhythms of earth & sky. She has a B.A in Communication Studies and an M.A in Contemporary Art Practice. 


Her classes are a unique combination of ancient & modern wisdom traditions. Sorcha is founder of Manorhamilton Yoga Studio .

Early Bird €50 - Until Jan 25th.

Full Price: €65

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