• Don't see a class time that suits you?

  • Not sure what style would suit you best?

  • Maybe you have chronic illness or injury?

  • You are pregnant & wanting to incorporate yoga into your life?

  • You have specific goals and need a tailored practice?

  • You have a specific group you want to practice with?

  • Have an injury you want to know how to work with?


Maybe you have a group of friends looking for something special to do together or you would like to organise lunch time yoga at your workplace.

When you invest in a private session, you get a bespoke take-home yoga practice that addresses your specific needs, goals, and body type.



You are not alone. In fact, there are types of Yoga that are just not suitable for certain body / constitution types. The path of Yoga is a journey of individual growth and self-discovery.  General classes are not for everybody, yet everybody benefits from the practice of Yoga! What to do?


As people and bodies differ, so does the Yoga that is best suited to them. The traditional way of learning yoga, for thousands of years, was one-to-one, teacher to student. That method continued up until the 1960's when Indian teachers started to come to the West and teach larger groups of people.


Prior to this new phase of learning Yoga, instruction was passed from teacher to individual; the individual was encouraged to embark on profound transformation through self-study via individualised practices given by the teacher, using the tools of Yoga;  breath (pranayama), mantra (sound), asana (movement) & meditation as per the individual and their needs.


In a general class, it's not possible to address individual needs as the one to one contact is lost. Working with a teacher privately is very different. Here you have the opportunity to learn the unique yoga tools & practices that you need to bring your body & mind into balance.


This approach will appeal to you if you are:

  • shy, anxious, depressed, agoraphobic, suffering with low self-esteem

  • recovering from / living with illness and needing a tailored practice

  • busy and not able to make a general class

  • wanting to progress your practice with one to one tuition

  • looking to 'tune up' before joining a general class

  • post-partum or pregnant


We start with a basic consultation and based on your needs, we will craft a unique Yoga practice for you to take home. You may choose to continue working with your teacher or you may choose to join a weekly class.

Contact Sorcha directly for full info package on private classes.

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