'True North ~ Finding the You in You.'

a Kundalini Yoga Workshop
with Hans Piare Kaur

'You  owe it to yourself to be yourself'

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning 'union'. It is the practice of union with the Divine. The practice of finding the Divine in you. The practice of coming home. Home to You. Yogi Bhajan often spoke about what he saw was a tragic waste of human life, that is, to not realise who and what you are and to fully embrace it.

'When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.' - Yogi Bhajan

There is an old story about a deer that wandered aimlessly for years seeking out a sweet smell that he had smelled as an infant. The deer traveled the length and breath of the country, looking for this smell. After years of searching, the deer was finally ready to die and lay down in a forest to prepare. As he lay there, waiting to die, a gentle breeze wafted under his nose, carrying the smell he had been searching for his entire life. He realised the smell was coming from his own navel.  In the last moments of his life he saw that what he had been chasing his whole life, lay deep inside him. him Sat Nam. 

My teacher Shiv Charan Singh puts it like this, if you are not fully you, you are not fully at home in your body. If you are not fully at home in your body, you are open to squatters. 'Squatters' can be anything from other people's version of you, societies idea of what you should be, parental projections, inherited belief systems, old subconscious patterns, epigenetic imprints etc. Through the practice of specific Kundalini Yoga breathing techniques & mantras, these squatters can effectively be removed.

As we observe the  breath in yoga, an inner core begins to become aware of itself. The further we move away from this core, the more we & those around us suffer. In a fast paced digital world we are bombarded with information from outside the self all day long. The hardest & easiest thing is to simply be yourself.

Kundalini yoga provides a number of powerful tools to clear the subconscious mind and start to live consciously. Only when this aspect of the mind is accessed, can it be cleared and transmuted, allowing you to live from your highest version of yourself. Yoga helps to peel back the layers, connect deeply to the heart and take a glimpse of you.

Join Hans Piare Kaur for this series of workshops specially designed to connect you to your true north, your divine essence.  We will combine movement & breathing practices with powerful meditation techniques and mantra to resonate & vibrate the YOU in you.


An opportunity to experience the profoundly transformative potential of Kundalini Yoga and how it can help you develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Suitable for Total Beginners & Experienced Yogis.

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